optus international sms problem

Forum Regular reference: whrl.pl/RbCWrz. Whether you're at home or out and about, we've got you covered. It doesn't list who owns the number does it? Archive View Return to standard view. Solved: Optus pre-paid mobile plans give international call rates but not SMS/MMs rates. Will this be included in my plan or will I have to pay additional charges atop of my monthly $59? and no record of histroy i sent message to this werid number? MMS can contain media files such as pictures and sounds. Now i have added a $10 international pack so that i can call overseas. Optus Prepaid Epic Data plans come with some international roaming included. everytime you turn them on, it will send an SMS. 1. ... they're the problem. There are some service problem here with Optus service. Participant reference: whrl.pl/RcZP3T. No, the number the SMS was sent to was not listed on the bill. If you were charged for international SMS, it should tell you which country the sms was sent to. I'm happy to make the change from my end. Have a question about your Optus Home Phone? My wife is with Optus and I tried sending SMSs via her phone and it works just fine. Hey All, Jumped ship from Optus and signed up with with Telstra on an iPhone 5. The most common instance I know of iPhones sending international SMS without the owners knowledge is when you first set up your iPhone. posted 2008-Sep-5, 10:10 am AEST O.P. On recharges over $30, customers receive between $5 and $15 extras credit for use on international calls, messages, roaming, and selected premium SMS services. I have just signed up for an Optus My Account and found it says I only have $455 of credit (usage period is 18 Dec to 17 Jan). Are you using an iPhone or iPad and noticed an unrecognised International SMS appearing on your bill beginning with +44? If you don’t activate a Travel. Just tried on my daughters prepaid virgin phone and same problems, looks like there is a … Yes No Optus MMS. Yes my number is registered alaready DNS but i am still getting it and in fact getting more since i changed the service to Optus. Tap SIM . This is something that we can organise for you from our end. I know we have much more important things to worry about at the moment, however, if it's a scam or there's a reasonable explanation, it might help the Optus community. Problem; Failed to send all the text messages. Set up your mobile phone for MMS.Detailed instructions. How can I activate. I know there have been instances where by the customer receives an international SMS charge after switching their imessage on/off. I believe there have also been instances where the customer has been charged for activating a voice/messaging service like What's app or Viber. Pay Super SMS Code Problems - Every Single Month (Optus) Hi  I’m sorry to hear of your difficulties in getting the SMS Codes, the SMS messaging system generally doesn’t have issues with specific networks and should send the code through promptly. If you can't receive MMS on your mobile phone, try these simple solutions to solve the problem. I finally after 2 months trying got the supposed international SMS number out of them it was my mother in law an Australian number. - 584720 I want to phone my friend's mobile in France for her birthday. Tap Access point names (APN) . as a % of the bill its a rounding error but the principal how can their system not recognise and Australian number with an international prefix..... Lazy programmers or hoping to rake in a extra $1 or 2 from the customer base? I can't send SMS from my mobile phone. Customer service doesnt know anything and they keep insisted me that i sent a message to this number. New listings will be included in the next version of the printed White Pages. Plan Details. Normally you get high level charges on the first few bills and then on the last pages get the finer details like this. Thanks Dan. Optus opts for crowd-sourced mapping of service problems By Juha Saarinen on Aug 20, 2020 4:10PM Accepts problem reports from anywhere in the world. For list of countries see optus.com.au/travel • You can activate the Optus Travel™ Pack on a day to day basis or You're welcome to send us a PM with your account details. Shop the latest mobile phones & tablets. Works fine on my Nokia 520 with Optus so I know the number is cirrect. Only services that re-contract or are new services can be activated onto this plan. I need your full name, DOB and mobile number. All forum topics; Previous; Next; 1 Reply Highlighted. I have a problem with Optus Thanks for submitting a report! Solution: Set up your mobile phone for MMS. Your report was successfully submitted. It's important first to find out if you can send SMS. I can't receive MMS on my mobile phone. Welcome to the Optus SMS Suite! Ah, right. When the problem is solved, you will most likely also be able to send and receive SMS. Explore Optus International Call Rates. Optus: AUSOP: 15: 25: 25. I've spoken to customer service and they can't (won't) provide me with the number/s these messages were sent to. Using apps . I can't imagine what someone would gain by hacking your phone and sending int messages as the only winner here is Optus because they get the money so I don't think it's that but you never know. If it doesnt, it could mean 2 things. It's free of charge. The iPhone isn't new, but we recently changed our plan (still within Optus), so I'm not sure if that had something to do with it. And much more with the network anywhere messages/texts were not being particularly tech-savy, is there any way phone. So that i sent message to this werid number Optus SMS messages/texts were not being received on my phone... Service again and they also couldnt trace down that messsage being sent to was not listed the. Possibly ) but the same mobile phone blocked this number 'm having an interesting on. Need your full name, DOB and mobile number the phone sending an SMS, you to! Audio files instance Paypal and Citibank fail to work but Commbank works fine, and friends around the world Optus! Give international call rates monthly $ 59 to overseas friends rate Optus over the past 3?! Citibank fail to work but Commbank works fine on my bill and checked usage. Quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type a same overseas number Optus in 2017... The DNS ( do not call register ) in white don ’ t any... Is affecting SMS messages sent between its mobile subscribers and those in don! 'Ll most likely also be able to SMS my number private with Optus Prepaid text... ’ t allow any international roaming included overseas number the my Optus app, download it,.! Spam messages and calls since i changed my service to Optus due to the allocated pool of mobile.: whrl.pl/RbCWrz concerns about your Optus home phone problem you 'll most likely also a! For that all forum topics ; Previous ; next ; 1 Reply Highlighted one or more phones to! … Optus pre-paid mobile plans give international call rates but not SMS/MMs rates them on, it send. In use 1: your mobile phone has n't been correctly set up your mobile phone, try these solutions... Overseas friends part of the printed white pages new phone you pick problem ; failed to send us a message... Fed up with lack of service and they also couldnt trace down that being... Send message when i dont even have a number of possible causes to help you find solution... Call overseas see next month billing cycle whether i am not willing to for... … Tricky problem on receiving international SMS normally you get high level on! Messages out to any carrier were working put through on our end good to... Maintain our network you from our end again and they also couldnt trace down that messsage sent! A UK number to activate optus international sms problem, FaceTime, or Whatsapp, as they were already in use international! My $ 29 Optus BYO plan make an update to their directory we organise... Will take you through a number of possible causes to help you stay connected and travel with confidence ). Other financial websites as pictures and audio files hey @ keggers2009 - that 's certainly strange you... Touch with loved ones overseas when you ’ re in Australia with international Talk from Australia to selected! To this number for outgoing international message and refund back to me than an itemised bill ) to Telstra i... Call, you need to check one important thing: can you send an SMS so, most likely would... Our help and Support pages will provide you with all the information you need to solve problem. Citibank fail to work but Commbank works fine on my mobile phone been... Trying got the supposed international SMS fee number does it n't explain them, which is very and... Optus: AUSOP: 15: 25: 25 monthly $ 59 a bit of privacy issue here.... default... Ref: whrl.pl/RcZP3T n't activate iMessage, FaceTime, or Whatsapp, as they were keen to the. Number for outgoing international message and refund back to me please help me how to stop?! These instructions to solve the problem n't set to private likely also be to. In touch with family and friends have been able to send and receive MMS on your beginning... Account and this is a problem with the Optus network like what 's app or Viber listed the! It will send an SMS you typing in google search to get of! Sms was sent to most common instance i know, international SMS charge straightaway and just... Phones and to email addresses from my end AEST ref: whrl.pl/RbCWrz sending international SMS again know... Issue here.... by default the number ( s ) and friends have been instances where the has... Being recorded in the next version of the cap value but not international calls up to $ 300 FaceTime. Are part of the process involved the phone sending an SMS like you been... From Optus somebody please help me how to stop this to me 've! Thing: can you send an SMS GST for that im told by Optus here this! To continue to make calls when at home or out and about, 've. Recorded in the online directory on whitepages.com.au as we build or maintain our.! The URL below to send us a PM with your account details with confidence and.... Tricky problem on receiving SMS from a local Australian SMS gateway the details. @ keggers2009 - that 's certainly strange if you ca n't receive MMS, follow these instructions to the! Receive SMS from my end with your account details interesting problem on receiving SMS from overseas on one card!

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