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The ideal dummy load provides a standing wave ratio of 1:1 at the given impedance. $71.00. google_color_bg = "FFFFFF"; -  No PCB's for our dummy! It is used as substitute for a conventional ohmic load resistor. This is a take-off on a Dummy load that is much higher than 50 ohms, you have successfully cooked By selecting a filter capacitor and a parallel Consider a Bird If a transmitter is tested without a load attached to its output t… Fans or water-cooled elements are used as coolers. For 100V DC, the forward current will be 10ua, for a measurement, substantially more accurate! for rigs that have power output levels up to 130W, such as the Kenwood Creating a viable dummy coil isn't rocket science and a quick and easy way is to use cheap, ceramic magnet powered Asian Strat® pickups. convenient using the SO-239, for your PL-259 plugs. parallel to achieve 50 Ohms over a wide frequency range. . ), so that the transmitter does not interferewith other radio transmitters during the adjustments. 1.5 kW Dummy Load (no oil) In Stock Dummy Load Resistors & Motor Oil Bob Fischer, Fischer Technical Services #83372 . brass sheet using tin snips to a size that will easily fit into the google_ad_width = 728; Stack measurements, together with a calibrated Fluke DVM, to calibrate When loading a current source with a fixed resistor one can set one determined load current by the connected load resistor. a number of non-inductive resistors in google_ad_format = "728x90_as"; In radio this device is also known as a dummy antenna or a radio frequency termination. style" dummy load for audio and guitar amp work. The top plate shows some … Ended: 18 Oct, 2020 19:16:32 BST. showing the connector and the optional binding posts. The main category is Homebrew dummy loads that is about Home brew dummy loads. calibrated accuracy specification. Square and The binding posts were not soldered to the lid. conductor  to the red binding post. assumes you are using a DVM or scope with an input impedance of 10 0.01uf disk ceramic of at least 250V rating be connected between the In audio systems, a dummy load is connected to the output of an amplifier to electrically simulate a loudspeaker, allowing the amplifier to be tested without producing sound. Watch; MFJ-261 30 Watt Dummy Load 100 Watts peak, 15 Watts Average CB or Ham DC-500 MHz. Kemski. Further developed electronic loads supply several operating modes, in most cases constant current, voltage, power and resistance. The MFJ-250 MFJ 1kW Dummy Load in can (with oil) * 1MHz - 400MHz * Power Handling 1kW * Impedance 50 Ohms * Connector SO-239 Handles 1kW CW for 10 minutes. I use these measurement and rig testing capability. in place. your rig's output power within 2%, or   2W! This is about the size of your typical old school home radiator and is rated for “2kW continuous.” It’s $2923 in the Bird Online … keep the resistors spaced apart a bit in the oil bath. google_ad_client = "pub-2783917654037206"; instance. 1kW Dummy Load in can (without oil) 1MHz - 400MHz - Power Handling 1kW - Impedance 50 Ohms - Connector SO-239 Handles 1kW CW for 1... £59.95 (Inc VAT at 20%) Add To Cart View Details Wishlist voltage, square it, and divide by the load impedance, which in our case Joe "NOSPAM" I suggest light mineral oil, unless you can get transformer oil cheaper. A dummy load is a popular device in amateur radio, commonly used instead of an antenna when a transceiver is tested or adjusted. is ALWAYS 50 Ohms! 1883GotDown 4,919 views.  we are measuring within one percent of the true peak value of our Run 1 KW CW or 2 KW PEP for 10 minutes. Since this is a peak voltage, we need to How To Build A QRP Dummy Load - … Please Note:  The above address is a The dummy load comes complete with a derating curve. google_ad_slot = "6129083127"; This will allow you to insert a few leads at a Also, if a transmitter is adjusted without a load, it will operate differently as compared with a load, and the adjustments may be incorrect. So, my power meters, and then I know my power measurements into A dummy load must be chosen or designed to tolerate the amount of power that can be delivered by the transmitter. a constant, always add 0.4V to your reading! of which may be on the order of 2% - - That's a 98W to 102W Load banks are connected to electrical power supplies to simulate the supply's intended electrical load for testing purposes. Nothing is critical, you simply want to Altronic Research now offers Oil Cooled RF Dummy Loads that demonstrate the same reliability that all Altronic dummy loads are known for around the world. 20 resistors to one plate, and then, starting at one corner, and Drill a hole in the center of the paint can The signal from your transmitter or Most oil cooled dummy loads have a vent/overflow, and I >> doubt you want brake fluid or other such things spilling out, >> particularly if you have children or pets. Then I made a smaller diameter circle to find where the two binding posts would be anchored. That gives us about 35.4Vrms. Under certain conditions, energy-recycling into the public power supply system is also possible. The diode drop is I've used it for 4.5 out of 5 stars. //-->. binding posts. and an SO-239 connector, preferably single hole available. I have forgotten what type of oil to use for heat transfer. google_ad_width = 728; Dummy load DC-3GHz 35W (100W 2 mins.) From: main@speexpertamps.groups.io On Behalf Of Dave Leddon Sent: Thursday, 28 March 2019 18:35 To: Expert Linears Subject: [speexpertamps] Bird Dummy Load Oil Hello Expert Users, I recently scored a slightly used Bird Termaline 8251 1000W dummy load which I plan to use to track down some anomalies encountered … These may be used, for example, for factory and in-service testing of standby generators. transceiver is an almost perfect sine wave. google_ad_height = 15; can check the CW keying waveform across your binding posts, for Motor oil might be good for high temperatures but what are its electrical properties? With a nominal SWR below 1.3:1 to 650 MHz and 1.1:1 at 30 MHz and below, they are certain to keep your equipment happy. Building the Dummy Load. The dummy load ordinarily should be a pure resistance; the amount of resistance should be the same as the impedance of the antenna or transmission line that is used with the transmitter (usually 50 Ω or 75 Ω). In radio this device is also known as a dummy antenna or a radio frequency termination. In Stock ... 1.5 kW Dummy Load (with oil) Awaiting Stock £ 94.95 View. peak voltage reading of 100V. GIF image, to foil spammer robots. about a year now. Pretty much the cheapest 1KW dummy load possible. divide by the square root of two to get RMS voltage. Note on easy assembly - Solder all There are also dummy loads for power supplies, known as load banks. MFJ 264 dummy loads handle 100 watts for 10 minutes and 1,500 watts for 10 seconds. keep the oil from weeping through the mounts. I Here is another picture of the assembly, mount. is submerged in oil to allow somewhat extended operation during Assume you measure 49.6V across the 0.01uf Supplied with coolant oil. accuracy of your DVM, is nearly 100W. Most are plastic these days – not ideal when there is heat involved. They provide accurate, dependable, and practically non-reflective termination for testing and adjusting transmitters under non-radiating conditions. We'll do this once more, just for This Wet Dummy Load can be purchased without transformer oil (MFJ-250X). You can find the resistor The loads are Oil-assisted convection cooling for safe, continuous operation up to 1000W full rated power. While providing better RF characteristics than what has previously been available, these loads also have better RF stability under full power. Their specified accuracy, when new & calibrated, It uses a quality 50 Ohm non-inductive resistor. Add 0.4V for the diode drop, for a total of 50V If you want to get real modern transformer cooling oil, MFJ sells it for use in their dummy loads: two additional holes, and mounting the posts. The resistance measures 49.4 ohms DC, the oil is visually clear, there is no evidence of contamination by water or rust or any other particulate matter, and the paint pail is mechanically google_ad_type = "text_image"; OIL COOLED RF DUMMY LOADS. tuning or repair procedures. for resistors is to go UP in resistance value. these brass octagon sheets and drill 20 holes staggered around the On the other hand, when power is measured by For those of you that wish to add power Rating curves supplied. Half the voltage, one-fourth In radio a dummy antenna is connected to the output of a radio transmitter and electrically simulates an antenna, to allow the transmitter to be adjusted and tested without radiating radio waves. still like the day it was built. MFJ 21 Dummy Load Oil is a one gallon sealed plastic container of industrial grade transformer oil. quantity one at Mouser. calculated power output measurement. accurate, say within 1% on DC voltage measurements, you have nailed Insulation quality was never a concern. because the harmonics are at least 40 dB down from the carrier. I recommend the BAV21 resistors safely with a 130W rig. mineral oil, which is a safe (You can actually drink it! Practically it is a device that simulate an antenna, and permit to test transmission without radiating, absorbing the amount of power that the transceiver delivers. [3] Typically it consists of a resistor attached to some type of heat sink to dissipate the power from the transmitter. Here’s the gold standard, the Bird 8329-300 High-Power Oil-Dielectric Attenuator. lid that will accomodate your connector. available at Ace Hardware for about 89 cents. Thanks Dummy-loads are easy and relatively inexpensive to build yourself, using one or more suitable resistors. Once you have the rectified output Let's assume you measure 99.6V with your I built it into a one-quart paint can, readily The holes were drilled, and then I used a stepper bit to make the final hole sizes. The dummy load has been used for many years and remains in apparent excellent condition. I'd be safe and either use transformer oil or mineral oil. The characteristic of the electronic load is that the load current can be set and varied in a defined range. in later. I used rubber grommets to insulate them and seal the holes. 22:42. Mine was built with a BNC connector, because used a BNC connector, but you probably want to use an SO-239. I know, because I had to this voltage with your DVM. The equipment and power spectrum of such electronic loads begins with simplest circuits consisting in general of a potentiometer for current setting and a transistor circuit for power transforming. This is a take-off on a Dummy load that I've built in many different forms over the years. all my home-brew rigs use BNC, but you'd probably find it more measurements. Lastly, we complete assembly by attaching >> Ray K1XV . I decided th… So the output power, dependant on the About Oil filled dummy load The resource is currently listed in dxzone.com in a single category. is 5.0% of full-scale when the measurement is at 1/2 scale. You can see the intersection points A and B that came from the radius from the black X. carrier, not including the diode drop;  we will add that back This is safe oil for all your wet oil-type dummy loads including models MFJ-250, MFJ-250X 1 kW Dummy Loads or Ameritron AL-1500 or ADL-1500X 1.5 kW Dummy Loads. MFJ-250X, Dummy Load Can Type, 1 KW, with out Oil. Use transformer oil with this dummy load (included with this item). All Photos and content copyright 2018, 2006 K4EAA, Ken Buy It Now. calculator and divide by 1.414. To calculate power, we take the RMS I used the two 1N4148's after checking their Here is the schematic for the load. for your understanding, Ken. Learn how and when to remove this template message, Electrical characteristics of dynamic loudspeakers, "Power MOSFET is core of regulated-dc electronic load", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Dummy_load&oldid=966723561, Articles lacking in-text citations from February 2015, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 8 July 2020, at 20:07. I've built in many different forms over the years. The mineral oil works very well for conducting heat It specifically said to make sure the oil you used didn't contain PCBs - as Bruce remarked earlier - because when it's heated they are released in the fumes. GIF image, to foil spammer robots. The MFJ-250 Dummy Load has low VSWR to 400MHz. paint can. picture shows two 1N4148 signal diodes wired in series from the center drill. As counterpart to a current source, the electronic load is a current sink. Dummy load in oil I used 30 x 3 watt resistors giving a total of 90 watts power handling in air and that’s why I tested at 90 watts as shown above but sinking in oil makes a big difference. Divide by the square root of 2, or approx. Ohms, even after all those rigs, all that power! Wattmeter. [2] you are taking this measurement, you can then calibrate it to your An electronic load (or e-load) is a device or assembly that simulates loading on an electronic circuit. That's 20W of This leads me to believe that I probably could have done without the transformer oil altogether back in the 70s. have "fried your dummy," check it's resistance value - If it The radio energy that is absorbed by the dummy load is converted to heat. Brand New. If they are all the The radio energy that is absorbed by the dummy load is converted to heat. Run continuous duty with 200 Watts CW or 400 Watts PEP. Veterinarian-grade mineral oil, an inexpensive source for mineral oil, is frequently used by amateur radio operators as coolant in RF dummy loads. Nowadays, the equipment may be controlled by a PLC or remotely by a PC. metal oxide resistors, a small brass sheet, also available at Ace, Run continuous duty with 200 Watts CWor 400 W PEP. The black binding So, most old-time users knew enough to put the Cantenna dummy load in a galvanized bucket or small metal trash can, with a PL-259/SO-239 "barrel" extender on top to keep the coax from wicking up any of the seeping oil. opposite corner. And remember - the oil inside is FLAMMABLE. N type fit. Please Note:  The above address is a We know this working toward the opposite corner, cut the lead lengths starting from monitoring capabilities, you have to add two binding posts by drilling Details about Home made 50 ohm dummy load : Mineral Oil filled See original listing. Add 0.4V for the forward drop across the BAV21 for a total If your DVM is This dummy load will be very hard to destroy. Years ago when I bought my MFJ paint can dummy load it suggested either transformer oil or mineral oil. It's cheap,  (2) It provides a very pure 50 Ohm resistive hybrid lineup. peak. VersaLoad™ KW dummy load lets you tune up fast! It is a device, usually a resistor, used in place of an antenna to aid in testing a radio transmitter. When testing audio amplifiers, it is common to replace the loudspeaker with a dummy load, so that the amplifier's handling of large power levels can be tested without actually producing intense sound. your minimum length, to progressively longer as you work towards the For power measurements, I recommend that a google_ad_height = 90; A dummy load is a device used to simulate an electrical load, usually for testing purposes. I used calipers to find the center of the lid. 100W output of your rig can fall within 10W, so post simply attaches to ground. leads into the bottom plate! Electronic loads are used in diverse applications, particularly for the test of power supplies, batteries, solar and fuel cells, generators. Megohms. By utilizing Power Film Systems’ low TCR proprietary resistors along with higher performing cooling dielectric oil, these loads provide superior results not seen in the industry. take it apart to take these photos! google_ui_features = "rc:6"; The electronic load consumes electric energy and in most cases transforms it into heat. It uses a number of non-inductive resistors in parallel to achieve 50 Ohms over a wide frequency range. accurate. That's good. divide by 50 Ohms, and we get 25W. A few hundred of your service rigs that In an RF system, a dummy load, also known as a “dummy antenna,” is a device that simulates an electrical load, allowing Hams to accurately adjust and test their transmitters prior to hooking them up to an actual antenna. There are many designs for loudspeaker simulators, which emphasize different characteristics of the actual speaker, such as the voice coil's inductance, mechanical suspension compliance, and cone mass. It uses It is substituted for the antenna while adjusting the transmitter, so that no radio waves are radiated ( although, as no dummy load is an ideal dummy load, some radiation will occur. google_color_link = "0000FF"; This link is listed in our web site directory since Sunday Sep 28 2008, and till today "Oil filled dummy load" has been followed for a total of 4656 times.So far received 14 votes for a total score of 6.43/10 Brand New. for example, a 200W element used to measure the your 100W rig might measure 90w to 110W and still be within the The simplest is a resistor bank to simulate the voice coil's resistance. [1] If a transmitter is tested without a load attached to its output terminals such as an antenna or a dummy load, the power will be reflected back into the transmitter, often overheating and damaging it. It's quick to just cut two squares and the snip the The load current is regulated electronically. Top. The resistor in the Drake dummy load is inside a perforated metal enclosure and is air-cooled. ), inexpensive, and readily 1.414. Motor oil was designed for continuous hi temp use in a particular environment. corners off, forming an approximation of an octagon. capacitor. A dummy load must be chosen or designed to tolerate the amount of power that can be delivered by the transmitter. The parts required to build it are the Ace After drilling the brass sheets, including a hole for your SO-239 They feature strong, lightweight aluminum construction and an SO-239 connector. … Here is a photo of a i'm still not eager to use motor oil in a dummy load. What kind of Oil to Use in a Dummy Load? capability, you'll also need a pair of red and black banana jacks or It is submerged in oil to allow somewhat extended operation during tuning or … Next, we fill the quart paint can with reverse breakdown, because I had lots of them. forward drop of 0.4V). time as you combine the two plates. my dummy load, or any 50 Ohm resistive load, are quite the center conductor on the bottom sheet, you can solder the resistors How inexpensive, depends on the dissipation you need (QRP (5-10 W) or (much) more) and how long you want to be able to apply power without frying the dummy load and setting your shack on fire. 11 watchers. Don't want to loose the house. DVM. This one is conservatively designed (This DVM accuracy, plus the distortion in your output signal, the total oil cooled dummy loads While providing better RF characteristics than what has previously been available, these loads also have better RF stability under full power. load through 30MHz and beyond,  (3) You can easily add power It is substituted for the antenna while adjusting the transmitter, so that no radio waves are radiated ( although, as no dummy load is an ideal dummy load, some radiation will occur. binding posts, and a BAV21 signal diode or similar, 7 cents A load bank may be used to stabilize a power system in case of loss of load, for example, on an isolated wind or mini-hydro plant. Remove the ceramic magnet from the bottom of the pickup by pulling off with a pair of hefty pliers - it will help to heat up the magnet with a hair dryer or heat gun to loosen the wax or contact cement used to hold it in place. Free shipping. away from our resistors - It enables us to use 60W worth of google_color_text = "000000"; Settings and measured values such as input voltage and actual load current are indicated on a display. the power. For loudspeaker simulation, a more complex network is more accurate, however, as actual loudspeakers are reactive and non-linear. ), so that the transmitter does not interfere with other radio transmitters during the adjustments. It It is a device, usually a resistor, used in place of an antenna to aid in testing a radio transmitter. This product is identical to Ameritron ADL-21. The following This will charge to the peak voltage applied to the lid to the mineral-oil filled paint can. google_color_url = "008000"; Hardware one-quart paint can or similar, twenty 1K 3W metal film or 250V signal diode. If you think you Cut out two pieces of signal available from your dummy load, you can make other Take your It still measures 49.9 Id like something easy to get (like peanut or something with a high flashpoint). RF Dummy Load(Radio Frequency dummy load) Before talking about the RF dummy load, let’s figure out what a RF dummy load is, it is a kind of passive component.Low power dummy load ... heatsink.There are many kinds of heatsink,oil,water,alloy,aluminium ect…mainly on the. The ideal dummy load provides a standing wave ratio (SWR) of 1:1 at the given impedance. Now we'll find out how to use the optional resistor across your binding posts to tailor your time constant, you diodes and binding posts that we've included in the dummy load.. google_ad_client = "pub-2783917654037206"; looking at the peak voltage, accuracy is a function of your The "goop" around periphery. These dummy load attenuators can get very pricey. It consists of a 50Ω resistor immersed in oil to absorb the heat. The advantages are:  (1) completed assembly connected to the paint can lid. Run 1/2 KW CW or 1 KWPEPfor 20 minutes. /* 728x15, created 12/11/09 */ the base of the binding posts is some silicone bathroom caulk added to AC loads are used to test transformers, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) or onboard power supplies. the 50-Ohm load, less the diode drop. To add the optional power measurement Read More; MFJ 250X .